Wednesday, August 28, 2013

i'm in the mood for ethereal, with some edge

styling by hans blomquist

Sometimes I'm in the mood for interiors that are a bit... theatrical.  I studied film in college, and at one point considered getting into set decorating. This appreciation for drama influences my interior tastes from time to time. Right now I want to create something ethereal, mythical, but with some edge. The room above is a good start. The high windows, classical architecture and white-grey color scheme have the pale ambiance I'm looking for.

Love that lamp! It has a whimsical shape and it's solid white. Objects that are solid white always remind me of art sculpture, both modern and ancient, and this look is influenced by both. The mood board in my mind has images of Greece, the Guggenheim... and the lair of the Childlike Empress.

one / two / three / four / five

Definitely need some geo patterns and texture. The chevron mosaic would make a nice focal wall, or floor tile, or both. The porcelain wall hanging by Heather Levine adds intrigue and an element of nature. Picture some dripping white candles on the Agate Platter. And let's talk about those stools by Gregory Bonsera. They remind me of giant chess pieces - very theatrical. I would use them as tables, and scatter them around the expansive room.

More fab finds for the walls: 

The Jose Levy mirrors add more geometry, but I want to complement them with additional pure white art: a horse figurine print from HYSJ, and an original sculpture from artist Sarah Best.

It's hard for me not to complete the picture. The cinema student in me always wants to assign a soundtrack and "costume" to every idea. So, in case you're wondering, we're listening to Zola Jesus and Bj√∂rk, and wearing:

This look is all about pale hues, clear and reflective surfaces, whimsy, and geometric elements. Here's a mood board presenting a realistic way to achieve this look:

Ethereal, with Some Edge

Furniture: Finley Tufted Sofa via One Kings Lane, Louis Ghost Armchair by Kartell, Pandora Glass Coffee Table from Lamps Plus, and Worlds Away Debra Ice Glass Side Table from Layla Grace.

Textiles: H&M Linen Curtains, Faux Sheep Skin Rug from Urban Outfitters, Chunky Tassel Throw from West Elm, Sheesha Pillow from Jayson Home, Crewel Embroidered Zigzag Pillow from Urban Outfitters, and Metallic Silk Cushion from Zara Home.

Decor: Universe Terrarium from Need Supply, Stray Dog Designs Blum Wood White Floor Lamp and Peacock Objects d'Art from Zinc Door, Sculptured Chrome Table Lamp from Homebase, Wendell Castle Cloud Wall Shelf from 1stdibs, Gold Geo print by Cute & Co via Society6, Rose Quartz Bookends from House of Onyx, and Arched Mirror via One Kings Lane.


  1. Oh wow! This literally blew me away. What a beautiful collection you have posted here. Those mirrors are absolutely stunning. I love that white bedroom as well. Thank you for sharing, this post was truly inspiring.